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Airflow Creations is a top professional drone firm helping you monitor construction projects nationwide. Learn how you can easily leverage our UAV expertise while increasing safety and reducing risks.

1. Connect and Schedule.

First of all, we will briefly go over the drone mission details, using a quick and intuitive form. Then, after we review your request, you will receive the agreement that lays out the service terms and rates. Simply confirm, so you can get back to what you were doing, we take it from here. Simple Service Schedule.

2. We do our drone magic.

Airflow Creations will secure of all required airspace authorizations, perform mission planning, as well as allocate suitable equipment and personnel for the mission to safely complete the drone flights and process the data according to project’s scope.

Pla, Plin, Plum.

3. You download results!

Finally, you will receive a link with your deliverables. Once you download the results, you can verify that everything is according to scope. Because your feedback is important to us, we will follow up to make sure you are happy..

Deliverables just on-time!

The easy way to get accurate measurements.

+ Understand the lay of the land for large and difficult terrains in a fraction of the time.

+ Very useful in intense vegetation and complex terrains.

+ 30cm intervals on the lines, labeled in CAD format.


Safety and Innovation is our focus. Aerial services that can help you monitor, communicate and document your construction project. We fly and process data, so you can focus on build and design.


Based in Culver City, California, Airflow Creations Corp. Drone Services is a licensed UAV services provider with over 6 years of commercial aerial video and photo experience. We offer various packages for your monitoring needs. Request a quote and start monitoring today!
Giovanni Castilhos

Giovanni Castilhos

President & CEO - Airflow Creations Corp. Drone Services

“As head of operations in various mission types, I notice it requires innovation and safety as primary goals for a given mission, either creative or data flights. UAV services ranging from intense flight planning, all the way to labeled contours lines in GIS topography map, for example, is quite a journey. But you see, now engineers can better understand the land and focus on their building platform. Knowing they have high precision in every curve of terrain, I consider this capability just liberating!”

UAV Flight Hours+

Years of UAV experience


Commited to Safety and Innovation


Understand the lay of the land.

We can help visualize development using drone technology, make real-time assessments and create aerial topographic surveys.

Document and showcase.

Keep investors and government updated on developments of your project. Minimize risks and liability by monitoring using our drone services and consulting.

Monitor Subcontractors.

Make sure everything is going as planned. Schedule monitoring services and keep the project on time.

"Airflow Creations is a great company, we needed some aerial shots and they delivered an amazing work!!! "

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Pre-Order the Book "The Drone Highway: UAV in Construction."

A new approach to the use of drones in the construction industry. Learn how each phase of the design and build process can benefit from using drone technology. Understand how you can leverage drone data to increase safety, efficiency, and communication. Pre-order the book and support us with this lifetime content that will surely help you engage with aerial data in a highly productive way.

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"Great service, job was done professionally. Excellent results!! I highly recommend them!"

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